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PCB Manufacturing Costs Could Rise Soon. Here’s Why

PCB Manufacturing Costs Could Rise Soon

The pandemic has left few industries unscathed as significant disruptions in manufacturing, shipping and supplies have rippled through the work. PCB manufacturing is no exception, which is why PCB manufacturing costs could rise soon. Here are a few reasons that could contribute to the potential increases.

Shortage of raw materials

Previously, we showcased how global shortages are impacting printed circuit boards. Raw materials for products, components, and various goods will have a direct impact on manufacturing costs, including printed circuit boards. Copper in particular is increasing significantly in cost. Because of this, it’s important to take the time to research material alternatives when manufacturing PCBs. There may be options for newer, more readily available, materials that can be used during production. With demand not decreasing any time soon, it’s important to plan months or years in advance, especially when a supply is already limited.

Labor continues to be a challenge

Labor costs and expenses vary depending on the geographical location of an operation, regardless of industry. The PCB industry is seeing its share of labor shortage which could impact costs in the future. With this industry, in particular, quality is paramount so finding inexpensive alternatives for labor is not always an option. Hiring cheap, inexperienced labor may create PCBs more prone to defects and can cause problems to develop during production, resulting in delays, shutdowns, or worse. With labor continuing to be in demand to keep quality at the necessary level, the result may be increased costs.

Increased timelines

 With labor challenges and material shortages, the natural result for the end product will be increased timelines, meaning that it will take longer to get the printed circuit board design you need as manufacturers do their best to get PCBs out with current industry challenges. That can be a significant challenge to companies working on a tight timeline. In some cases, manufacturers will increase their prices for expedited orders. Working with a professional PCB manufacturing and assembly resource can help you plan and adjust for increased timelines. OnBoard Circuits, Inc. understands the fluctuations in materials caused by component life cycles or technology updates. As such, they know how to source out what is needed to get the job done in a timely fashion. 

Market demand continues to skyrocket

As more and more products require PCBs, the demand will continue to rise. With a raw material and labor shortage, the cost for products as they become available will likely rise. It’s simply a matter of supply vs. demand.

What other factors impact the cost of printed circuit boards?

While the factors above are significant in impacting cost, here are a few other considerations when looking at the cost of a PCB:

  • PCB size
  • Number of layers
  • Number of holes
  • Material
  • Quantity of PCBs ordered
  • Custom specifications for PCB

Because of all of these factors, the value of working with a full-service PCB supplier offering high-quality PCB services is more important than ever. OnBoard Circuits, Inc. works with your specs, budget, and PCB requirements to streamline your printed circuit board ordering process and provide you with the highest quality products at the best price available. As PCB manufacturing costs potentially rise, working with a printed circuit board professional can help keep costs down while providing the highest level of quality. Contact OnBoard Circuits, Inc. today for a free quote!

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